Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Hate Gefilte Fish

I receive emails from the "My Jewish Learning" today they have a special on the food I love to hate.......Gefilte Fish. This stuff shows up every where in my little Jewish world...Friday dinners, holidays, everywhere! Below is an excerpt from the My Jewish Learning article....

"Gefilte fish is most associated with the Sabbath meal, as eating fish on Shabbat has been a Jewish custom since the talmudic period. Fish, the ancient sages trumpeted, was an aphrodisiac. They believed the intoxicating odor on the Sabbath table would encourage couples to "be fruitful and multiply"--which in Jewish tradition is encouraged on Friday night.The Hebrew word for fish, dag, also corresponds to the numerical value seven, which reflects God's commandment, "Six days you shall labor, and do all your work; but the seventh day is a Sabbath unto the Lord?"
Gefilte fish an aphrodisiac?
This lovely eastern European concoction smells so bad to me that I can barely be at the same table with it. Yet this culinary delicacy is another one of those "True Jew" tests. I make no spectacle of my self, I just choose not to eat it when it is around. But it always brings on a comment...
(not an actual conversation but a composite of many similar type moments)
"what no fish?"
"no not today"
now a conversation about me, with me right in the room.....
"you know she wasn't born a Jew"
"ohhhhhhh"...with nodding heads........
My turn to make dinner!!!!!!....a kosher Italian feast!...or a Kosher Indian extravaganza!
what ever I make NO Gefilte Fish
P.S. I also hate chopped liver

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