Friday, March 27, 2009

Coke...It's The Real Thing

Is it me or is there way too much blog-o-sphere interest in this stuff! What follows is just a random sampling of what I saw in in one minute of looking.

and on another topic......

Countdown to Passover continues!...

more cleaning today....seeing that it is just to two of us, no kids etc, there actual isn't that much passover contraband in the house (bread etc.). Additionally for a large part of the year we had been on low carb diets, so it isn't like we actually will miss the hard core stuff....Beans unfortunately are a whole different story. I tend to skew vegetarian, although I will eat meat...but none-the-less I have a cabinet full of beans! I tried to eat down the lot of it, but to no avail. I will just have to pack it all up and drag it to the basement.

Another major difficulty is cleaning while still living in the space. I am cleaning the oven now...modern conveniences are great...will finish it tomorrow. So far I am staying close to my countdown to passover calendar....

Only time will tell if I can keep it up!

and some great news ...We have been invited to a 2nd night Seder!!!!...and I didn't have to impose or invite myself...I am so happy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Longings and Existential Loss

I wrote the below on the Empowering Ruth list is what I am feeling currently.....

I feel lucky to be able to host one Seder for what is left of my husband's family, some adult children and their friends. I am sad that I have been unable to find a 2nd seder for us to go to. Because I converted only a year ago at the age of 47, I feel a strong sense of wanting to make Jewish memories for me. this is something I do struggle with. With no babies to raise, no family/relative expectations to take into account religiousness and ritual is totally a personal expression. My husband is lovely and goes along with me on these adventures but when it comes down to it, why do we choose to do these things?.....Jewish Law? Tradition?..Guilt? ...Love? I realize I feel this odd sense of loss/grief at major holiday times. Not loss of what I left behind in a religious way, but loss of what I will never experience. I find some comfort in using the collective Jewish history for my own, doing holidays and rituals connects me to some history even if it is not a personal one. Other folks my age appear to be stepping back from fully engaging in these types of things...they did it for their kids, their parents. I am in a conservative community, this fits me philosophically, but in practice I feel different....I want to experience the totality of Jewish life....I joke with my husband that I am going to take up with the local Chabad....once again philosophically it wouldn't work, but it points out this schism I am experiencing. I feel somewhat at a loss in my community...but not sure what to do.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Que Pasa Purim .......The Mexico Megillah

To celebrate our almost 1 year of marriage, the husband and I decided to take a trip. Carefully I researched all aspects of the proposed event. I diligently made myself aware of the time needed for passover preparations as well as the holiday itself. When I felt I found the perfect time and place, I booked it. Such a deal! I was proud of my accomplishments! Then something began to nag at me, did I forget something? With all my mindful attention on Passover....I forgot to check on the dates for Purim! I realized this after I had booked my trip to Mexico!


I frantically tried to change the would cost mucho pesos ....I was heading towards despair..."and I call myself Jewish....ha!" But then I remembered a book I read "The Rebbie's Army" about the Chabad movement and the intrepid couples who go all over the world. There must be a Chabad house in Cancun.......yup there is exchanged emails with the lovely Rabbi there and my plans were set. If you ever have the chance to be in Cancun please stop by and see these folks they are lovely and will take care of you!

Please enjoy this brief glimpse at Purim in Mexico...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mazal tov!

Ok...I have entered a contest on the web site called "The Knot"...the contest is full of young beautiful mostly gentile couples.....I am playing both the age and Jew card!

Please take a look!
...and if you can please pass the link along to increase the amount of views my entry gets.

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