Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Opps Politics....

Ok... I now remember why I don't share my politics.

I love being Jewish. I am climbing the proverbial ladder of observance and revel in each new activity I engage in. I also cherish those activities I feel I have mastered, starting to formulate my own Jewish memories. I attend Saturday services regularly, and Fridays twice a month.

This past Saturday was a full day, a baby naming, a Bat Mitzvah and an Auf Ruf...but then came the sermon. (do we call it a sermon?) It was political. Politics appear difficult and full of quicksand to me…The Middle East sands shift and blow and can engulf at a moments notice….I do not pretend to know the answers to the complicated emotionally charged problems in the world. My husband often calls me naive. If wanting there to peace for all in the world is naive, so be it.

I am keenly aware of the evil, the suffering and the pain. I am aware of the long history... I know peace is a hard road…..What do you suggest?

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