Friday, June 4, 2010

Women of the Wall

I know this is controversial in some circles...and it brings out passion on many points with many people. Just seeing women dressed as they are in the picture to the right, can cause very visceral reactions from some. I think it is very complicated. I would like to believe there could be a way for all the streams of Judaism to have a place to practice their rituals/beliefs.

the following was posted on face Book.....

Women of the Wall Nashot HaKotel: Your support is urgently neededWomen of the Wall Nashot HaKotel's Notes.
Your support is urgently neededShare. Today at 8:26am
Dear supporters of Women of the Wall,
When I wake up at 6:00 a.m. on Rosh Chodesh to go the Wall, you in Chicago, in New York City and Amsterdam, you wake up with me. When Nofrat Frenkel carries our 35 pounds (18 kilograms) sefer Torah, the only sefer Torah available to women at the Wall, you in California carry it with her. When Noa Raz is beaten at the central bus station of Be'er Sheva for having marks of tefillin on her arm, you everywhere are assaulted with her.
We, the Women of the Wall just do the leg work. You, our supporters all over the world, lift our spirits by keeping us in your hearts and prayers and even joining us at the Wall when you can. By providing financial support, and an avalanche of encouraging e-mails and solidarity photos, you give us hope.

Now you can support us with your online donations through Israel Gives

Your donations will help us achieve the following:
• Funding our Public Relations Coordinator in order to get more visibility in the Press and influence decision makers to support our cause
• Paying for legal fees
• Providing guests from abroad a prayer book that has both Hebrew and English
• Maintaining our online presence and upgrading our Internet site in order keep our supporters informed and active in the struggle for pluralism
• Maintenance and insurance of our well traveled sefer Torah

Anat Hoffman
Women of the Wall

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