Friday, May 7, 2010

Tikun L´Eyl Shavuot Time!

Ok, I'm a little too enthusiastic about this, but I just love being able to dig into a text and wrestle with it. This is when I wish I could just sneak into an Orthodox shul and go all night!

My conservative Rabbi sent out the notice yesterday:

"For this year´s Tikun L´Eyl Shavuot the theme will be, "My Most Favorite Torah Portion or Torah Story." I´m recruiting volunteers to speak at our Shavuot Torah Study Session on this topic."

So one thing came to mind instantly. It is the story/portion that has stuck with me since the first time I heard it three years ago. "Korach", Numbers 16:1-18:32.
Ok I realize this is not likely what he is looking for. This isn't warm and fuzzy, it's not Mt. Sinai or the parting of the Sea...But in my opinion it is one of the more spectacular, hard core smiting sections, post Genesis, of the Torah.

The first time I heard it read I remember turning to my husband aghast and said "the children and dogs too?"....

Since that time, this portion has been somewhat of an inside joke between my husband and I. Any time we encounter a situation where we are being challenged we will look at each other and make a gesture with our hand, imitating the earth opening up. And if we are in a little argument with each other, one of those minor married power struggle type of things, all one of us has to say is "watch out the earth is about to swallow you up!" we both laugh, ending the silliness.

I am not too sure what direction I am going to take my presentation in. I do love the back story of the good and bad wives also I could go with the straight up ambition thing....Any ideas are welcome!

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