Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yom HaShoah Protest and Emotional Conflicts

I am glad I attended this event but I must admit sometimes when I don't know anyone at something like this I get shy. This event was small but all the opinions were represented. This can be very awkward for me. My husband was unable to go with me, but I was feeling this strongly. When I went to Israel for my honeymoon, we had gone to Yad Vasshem and that was one of the most emotionally devastating experiences I have ever had.
I am an educated person and I "know" my history. Even when I was a child anything Holocaust related viewed or read affected me deeply, much more than any of my peers. (remember, Italian/Irish Catholic youth!) So here I am, a politically liberal to leftest individual, with an extremely strong tendency towards avoidance of anything that looks like, feels like advocating for aggression. But this feels like one of those moments in history. I have always mused about the regular folks in historic times. The person who watches the "bad stuff" start to peculate, grow and descend over a people, a country or religion. I don't want to be naive, or an apologist. Yet I have deep conflict over how to respond to this growing threat. I don't like the Republican is not me, yet how can I find a way to voice my opinion to advocate for what is good and true, to fight what is evil without feeling like I am selling myself out?

Photos from the Yom HaShoah action in New York City outside the Iranian Mission to the UN

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