Friday, March 19, 2010

National Day of Unplugging

Thanks to Chaviva's blog for putting this out there...

having spent a good portion of my adult life in a contemplative meditation practice, "unplugging" actually is a way of life for me. I meditate every morning and use "Mindfulness" techniques to help keep equanimity and balance in my world. Choosing Judaism only enhances these practices for me. I see the various Mizvot as tiny bells of mindfulness, reminding me to pay attention to be awake and enjoy the present moment...the only moment we actually have!

This is something I have been giving a lot of thought to. My husband recently "upgraded" to an IPhone. This device has taken over his world...granted it has only been a short time and it is a new toy....but I can see the potential for folks to have issues.

" some of us have grown dependent on these handheld devices—perhaps even addicted. You wouldn't be alone: a Stanford University survey administered to 200 college students claims just that."

so I guess the only thing to do is to PUT DOWN THE THE IPHONE!

Join Sabbath Manifesto in a National Day of Unplugging
Sundown, Friday, March 19 to Sundown, Saturday, March 20

Join us in fighting back against the tidal wave of technology taking over society and our lives. Are you sick of having conversations with people with their noses buried in an iPhone? Are you that person?

Put down the cell phone, stop the status updates on Facebook, shut down Twitter, sign out of e-mail and relax, as part of our National Day of Unplugging.

People across the nation will tune out to reclaim time to slow life down and reconnect with friends, family, the community and themselves for 24 hours, starting at sundown, Friday, March 19. The Sabbath Manifesto’s principles were created for individual styling, but for one day we are asking you to take on the challenge of Principle Number 1: AVOID TECHNOLOGY. For those of you who can’t resist the temptation we created cell phone sleeping bags.

Let us know how you interpreted this Principle.

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