Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am inspired! I have gotten my act together and have set forth on my passover adventure. The eat down the cabinet count down was the best so far. Last year I had 2 1/2 boxes of food left, this year only 1/2! Today I will bringing it to the food pantry drop off. Of course I also go through the selling ritual just in case......Now my main food cabinet has been turned over....

As you can see from the photos I am ahead of the curve....it is important to note I work mostly 12 hour days and have no time during the week to clean. So this past Sunday was crazy day.I started the kitchen clean out and I went to the 5 Towns area to do my shopping. It was crazy! Jews on stampede...the lanes of the store were so crowed that it reminded me of gridlock.

currently all non passover food left to eat this week, is living on my glass dining room table... and the microwave is going to be the last to get the treatment!
I must admit as I was covering the kitchen in aluminium foil, I was reminded of the poor souls I have worked with in my life who were plagued by psychotic thoughts. Most schizophrenics with delusions and paranoia at one time or another use aluminium foil to block the "mind reading waves" etc..... As I covered every inch I was thinking what would they say about me?

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