Friday, March 26, 2010

Lets Do It!

I'm Fired Up!

I have nothing poetic or inspirational to say. Yet I feel good about that. This week I noticed that two of the more prolific and known J-blogers that I read have hit their respective walls...each for their own reasons and circumstances. These are young women who appear to have passionate souls and aspire to such heights. Being older and perhaps much more pragmatic, or lets say jaded, I think I may take certain life events differently perhaps with less intensity? ....physical pain and suffering...yup I have that, occasional psychological suffering , Oh dear, just re read my blog for the past year it reads like an ad for Cymbalta! Yet I think I try to find my balance, my way of doing if I can't physically write...ok...I'll post videos, if I'm feeling the blues and are stuck...ok...I'll just wait it out...if I feel attacked , well that is the other person's problem if I am sure that I have no finger prints on the moment. I hope those strong inspirational young women feeling physically and psychologically burnt out find inspiration in this festival of freedom. I hope they find freedom from their troubles and experience the freedom of joy!

So here we are again at the Passover extravaganza. My husband's family feels like it has fallen apart since the death of his mother. We are having a very odd first night Seder...then going the second night to our synagogue for a community event. Yet I have decided I'm doing Passover for me! I am invigorated and excited. to borrow a too much used phrase "IT IS WHAT IT IS!"

I 'm going soak up as much joy as I can find!.....

Are you ready...I am...LETS DO IT....! (lol)

Passover 2010

Chag Sameach

Dunking Rachael

Love, Faith and Life