Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Would You Do For $10,000?

Depending on where you are from, $10,000 could be a fortune or just some extra money…What could you buy with $10,000? …when I think about it, if for some reason I ran into $10,000 dollars, no strings attached, that would be a lovely thing….but really, as a middle class person living in the New York tri-state area, $10,000 wouldn’t change my life. It might pay some bills or fix my driveway or help prop up my recession decimated retirement savings…but ultimately $10,000 would not change my life.
I read this morning that a consultant caught up in the ever expanding New Jersey scandal was bribed with $10,000, and now he is dead by his own hand….then there are the poor souls lured to the riches of $10,000 for the mere price of their kidney…..

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Jew Wishes said...

The quest for money has been wrought with dire consequences.

I read about them man who sold his kidney. Of course I read about the scandal in NJ.

That amount, for me, would not change my life.

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