Monday, February 23, 2009

Countdown to Passover

Last year at this time I was engulfed in the planning of my wedding. "Passover?.....I'll clean later...." well the experience of coming home from my wedding (We took a cab, came home and walked the and within a day having to do crazy cleaning to make the deadline; made an impression on me. I vowed not to let that happen again... so a year ago I set various reminders into my Blackberry....the first of which came up yesterday......

"No more food all in the cabinet."

(Actual picture of food cabinet at the time of this posting...

I am too embarassed to show the freezer......)

Last year I "sold" it all to the is my goal this year to not have to pack up so much stuff and drag it to my basement!....I am really interested in knowing how people do this holiday....the timing and planning appears to be key. I get embarrassed having to ask about the most mundane and simple events. But with no family history, relatives or experiences it can be difficult figuring it out. But I am determined to make it work better this year than last.


Melissa said...


I will be in the same spot you are in. It will be my first Passover as well.

I am really looking forward to it, and plan on calling the rebbetzin quite a bit for help.

Good luck to both of us.



Dunking Rachel said...

It is a wonderful ride!
will your family be joining in with a seder?

Melissa said...

Well I have never had a seder before, so I might be a little lost on my first one. I do think my family would be happy to attend though.

I was thinking I might start this year with cleaning of the chametz.

I have to tell you. I am so excited. I went shopping on my lunch hour and actually found kosher bread. This is a miracle. I found it in a specialty shoppe. I also found some kosher cheese. Another biggie.

I wish you a good Shabbos.


Dunking Rachael

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