Friday, March 27, 2009

Coke...It's The Real Thing

Is it me or is there way too much blog-o-sphere interest in this stuff! What follows is just a random sampling of what I saw in in one minute of looking.

and on another topic......

Countdown to Passover continues!...

more cleaning today....seeing that it is just to two of us, no kids etc, there actual isn't that much passover contraband in the house (bread etc.). Additionally for a large part of the year we had been on low carb diets, so it isn't like we actually will miss the hard core stuff....Beans unfortunately are a whole different story. I tend to skew vegetarian, although I will eat meat...but none-the-less I have a cabinet full of beans! I tried to eat down the lot of it, but to no avail. I will just have to pack it all up and drag it to the basement.

Another major difficulty is cleaning while still living in the space. I am cleaning the oven now...modern conveniences are great...will finish it tomorrow. So far I am staying close to my countdown to passover calendar....

Only time will tell if I can keep it up!

and some great news ...We have been invited to a 2nd night Seder!!!!...and I didn't have to impose or invite myself...I am so happy!

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