Thursday, December 4, 2008


“The Yoke of Joy”

I watch you pray
Book in hand
Words tumbling out
In an amazing array of surging song and muttered whispers
Wrapped in the cloth of your father’s father
My eyes fill with tears
Centuries of devotion on my love’s lips
As you gently finger the strands reminding you of who you are
My heart sings along Although I can’t yet form the words.

“Sisters/ Brothers” December 2008

Strangers to me, thousands of miles away
The little boy
The picture of the happy couple
My heart tearing at each updated report
Sorrow and anger dancing in me
I feel the pain of my Jewish sisters, my brothers
The wheel turns once again
The covenant is complete
What the mikveh started blood has finished
I will light the candles, remembering not what is known
But knowing what has been given
Today I am a Jew

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Chaviva said...

Beautiful. This is my kind of poetry: vivid.

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