Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crocs and Other Things Never Considered

This will be my first Tisha B'Av as a Jew. I must admit some trepidation about it. I remember the last Yizkor service, how the tears filled my eyes and threatened to drown me. I often become emotional during holiday services. Everything is new and I experience it with such an intensity it is difficult to describe to someone who has had grown up in the emotional stew of it all.
So being the mindfulness queen that I am, I have noticed that my mind is avoiding the preemptive intensity of this period in the Jewish calendar and instead continues to focus on footwear. No leather......but some how I wonder if Crocs are metaphorically the right thing to wear. I noticed last Yom Kippur they were the shoe of choice of the repenting crowd.

Seeing that I am a "Payless" type of gal....and many of my shoes carry the ambiguous "All man made materials" label, from a strictly custom/Jewish law place they would work....but then I wouldn't be showing an outward manifestation of the suffering and sorrow....or maybe I just wouldn't be in the "in Crowd."
perhaps wooden shoes would work best..... hummmmm

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