Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eruv Nonsense

My husband and I have been talking about possibly selling our house and moving near the water. This has been a dream of my husband's for many years and he believes, due to many causes and conditions this might be obtainable for us at this time.

Being an entrepreneurial type, I very quickly thought if we go forward with this plan I should send information on our house to the various Orthodox synagogues near us. I live very close to one and within walking distance of another. I went on line to find out about their communities and Rabbi's etc.

Both web pages had information about my area's Eruv. I studied the map and was excited to see that my house is in the middle of the Eruv. This makes for wonderful possibilities for helping me sell my house....

But something about the Eurv map was deeply disturbing to me. It made me more than a bit angry. I attend a large egalitarian conservative synagogue. The eurv clearly leaves my synagogue out! I know nothing about the politics and or history of this but to look at the map they had to make an effort to skip us!

I guess I could bring this up with my rabbi...but again it is another one of these disturbing "them" "us" Jewish moments that leaves me sad.


Dunking Rachel said...

friend has left a new comment on your post "Eruv Nonsense":

Like everything in life, eruvs are expensive. The boundaries of the eruv could simply be due to who paid for it. If members of the conservative shul did not contribute to the creation or maintenance of the eruv, then the eruv's builders would not go out of their way to include it in the borders.

I am not saying that this is how it should be, but it is probably just a reality of the situation.

Dunking Rachel said...

the above post was sent to me...I tried to publish it while on my iphone and my fat finger hit the don't publish instead!


Dunking Rachel said...

Dear "Friend"

I am sure it is something like that...I wasn't involved/around the Jewish community when this was set up...I just had an emotional reaction...thanks for the comment

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