Friday, July 9, 2010


As the sun sets tonight and we welcome the Sabbath Bride, I experience something that is both historic and religious but ultimately something that is alive, vibrant and meaningful...I am thankful that I have found my way here. I am feeling good today about my JBC-ness (Jew By Choice)and believe I do have much to contribute as I continue to go deeper personally and become more connected socially to my community. This month I start my term serving on my synagogue’s board....ME! They know who I am, all of me and they voted for me....I feel this is an external form of acceptance that I value...but actually the acceptance I value more is the one in my heart. The acceptance that I know in my bones...I have arrived...I am home.

The following video is from a women who showed up on the Empowering Ruth list serve...A wonderful resource for JBC women of all persuasions.She is a strong and vibrant committed and dedicated woman.... another JBC to look up to!

Shabbat Shalom

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