Friday, August 14, 2009

Realizing life's Purpose...or Why I didn't Make The Bed This Morning

"Elul -- the month preceding Rosh Hashana -- begins a period of intensive introspection, of clarifying life's goals, and of coming closer to God. It is a time for realizing purpose in life -- rather than perfunctorily going through the motions of living by amassing money and seeking gratification. It is a time when we step back and look at ourselves critically and honestly, as Jews have from time immemorial, with the intention of improving. "

Both my husband and I have hit a place of overwhlemedness...(is that a word?) We usually have had a slower summer professionally, but not this year. I know during these times of economic distress, for me to complain about working too much seems outright selfish/rude.Yet this has put pressure on us that feels "too much." We both work in the mental health field, I am a social worker and he is a child and adult psychiatrist. This is demanding work, and the added pressures of being private practitioners doesn't help. For those angry about the thought of health care should walk in my shoes!...the amount of energy, time and money thrown at trying to work with the insurance companies is CRAZY....(opps I digress.....)
all that above mentioned stuff combined with the feeling that we never had a summer ( most of our days off it rained or is was not beach weather) has led to a malaise of sorts.

This brings me back to the topic at hand, the sages tells us Elul is a time of reflection, introspection and priority alignment. I would love to study, meditate and have time to do good deeds/volunteer but life has me down right now. I am trying to find the balance the "middle ground."

I didn't make the bed today.......and I guess that is ok.............


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